Why Ernie's?

For a brilliantly simple approach that fits all your family's water needs.

Kinetico appreciates the Kinetico difference—one that flows from the superior design and performance of our products straight through to our service. Kinetico brings the best thinking about water treatment custom fit to your home. You can count on our friendly professionals to treat your water and your family right.  Buy with confidence from Ernie's and get Ernie's in-house professional installer that has been installing Kinetico for over 28 years. 

Kinetico 2060s Water Softener

Kinetico Water Softeners use no electricity and save on salt.

For better water that fits every home and every budget, look to Kinetico. We offer a range of products and approaches to provide your family with a continuous supply of soft, clean water. Learn more about our water softeners, or request a quick quote today.

Why Ernie's?

Please contact us to learn more about the Kinetico difference.